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Lynndyl/Little Sahara Dunes National Recreation Area

The Little Sahara sand dunes are the largest dune field in Utah at 563 km2. The dune field is located 10 km north of Lynndyl and 40 km northeast of Delta, UT.  The dune field is made up of primarily northwest trending active traverse dunes that average about 10 m high, but climb to 200 m tall at the Sand Hills [Bender, 1982].  One of the largest Lake Bonneville depositional features preserved is the Provo Shoreline related delta of the Sevier River.  Regression of the lake from the Provo shoreline exposed the deltaic deposits, which were subsequently reworked into the aeolian dunes [Sack, 1987]. While the sand consists primarily of quartz grains, with minor amounts of feldspar, biotite, calcite from these deltaic deposits, they also contain lithic fragments, garnet and magnetite derived from the basaltic ash of the Pahvant Butte south of Delta, UT.