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This section provides examples of the data themselves as well as the types of products that can be produced from the data. The example datasets are separated into jpegs which can be loaded directly by clicking on the link and kml files which require Google Earth.

Examples of three types of products are provided: 1) Temperature images, 2) Emissivity Images and 3) Decorrelation Stretch Images. The temperature images are grayscale images with increasing brightness corresponding to increasing temperature. The emissivity images are in color with the "hotter" colors (red, yellow) corresponding to high emissivity and the cooler colors (blue, purple) corresponding to low emissivities. The emissivity of a surface is related to its composition so these images show the abundance of different mineral groups. In the decorrelation images the temperature and emissivity information has been merged and differences in color correspond to differences in emissivity whereas differences in brightness correspond to variations in temperature. Emissivity differences relate to changes in composition and temperature differences relate to differences in topography.

JPG Images

KML Images (requires Google Earth)